The Bread Maker Wonder

That Denis Granarolo of the Terra Momo Bread Company finds time to bake bread is a wonder. In the last few months the bakery changed its name (after conducting a community-wide survey), re-branded its kiosk at the Princeton Public Library as Terra Libri and opened a new one, Terra Teatro, at The McArter Theater. In addition the bakery headed the  lunches program at the One Table Cafe at the Trinity Church in Princeton.

Nevertheless, with an inspiring dedication, Denis is still making bread. He begins to work at 2:30 a.m. and finishes at 11 a.m., by which time he has churned out racks of 24-inch round sourdoughs, black olive batards, and baguettes, among other scrumptious breads and pastries.

Denis is  generous in sharing his bread making wisdom. According to him, the secret ingredient is time – you should let the bread rise slowly and develop its flavors to a full bloom. On Tuesday, Denis gave a cooking class as part as Princeton Eats Cooking with Local Ingredients program and shared more secrets.

The last time I spoke with Denis he was very excited (though french guys don’t let out that much excitement and keep it kind of cool and wryly humorous.) He was experimenting with new organic flour and testing  ideas such as quinoa bread or bread with dried  fruits and anise. He is still experimenting but oh my, those were good…

Denise has also been working with Nadezhda Savova of  the Bread Houses Network on a special bread, stamped with the Bread Houses Network stamp. Savova brought the concept of bread stamps from Bulgaria. Bread stamps go back to the Roman Empire: they were used to imprint the signature of the baker onto a loaf of bread, in order to trace the bread to its maker. 

Those of you who have driven by the bakery must have noticed the beautiful new mural on its wall. This mural was painted by artist Illia Barger and sponsored by the Arts Council of Princeton and Terra Momo Bread Company. The Terra Momo Bread Company and The Bread Houses Network will celebrate the mural in a special program, The Theater of Crumbs. Participants  will collectively make edible puppets out of bread dough and create a play that addresses a local issue. After the bread bakes, the puppets will act another role as a delicious and warm treat…

This Theater of Crumbs unique methodology is a new form of theater developed byNadezhda Savova.

Monday July 16, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM . Price: $10 donation to the Bread Houses Network.

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