Artisan Bread


Cylindrical in shape, the famous baguette is made from a hard-wheat bread flour baked to a characteristically golden color. Its crusty on the outside and airy on the inside, making this the perfect daily bread.

Choose from: Baguette, Demi Baguette, Ficelle, Ficelle with Jam, Parisienne and Epi.


An ancient bread, pure and simple in taste and form. Only the most basic elements are used to make this distinctly crunchy bread, which complements the richest of meals.

Choose from: Plain and Rolls.

Olive Oil Dough Bread

Soft crusted breads with white flour and Olive Oil, choose between Black Olive, Rosemary, Garlic, Walnut blue cheese Batards. Wonderful things happen when our master baker adds herbs and other savory ingredients to enhance the flavor of this impressive bread.

Choose between: Boule or Batard.


A combination of rye flour and white is used to produce this rustic, thick-crusted, flour-dusted peasant bread.

Choose between: Boule or Batard.

Multi-Grain Whole Wheat

An old-fashioned, crunchy and deliciously nutty-tasting bread made with wheat and unbleached flours, rolled oats, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds.

Choose from: Pullman, Batard, Walnut Raisin or Almond Orange Boule.

Rustic Sourdough

White sourdough, choose between Boule or Batard.

Rustic Sourdough made with white flour, Rye, Whole wheat and sourdough starter.

Pain au levain, mixed of rye and white on a natural liquid levain.


A four-strand braid of sweet bread, this fine-crumbled, egg-rich loaf is made in the European tradition.

Choose from: Plain and Raisin.


A crusty, golden-brown, yeast-risen bread. Nimble hands flatten and dimple the dough to hold the essence of extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and tomatoes. Topped with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

Dinner Rolls

A welcome addition to any meal, our elegant dinner rolls provide a special touch. Choices change daily.

They can include Plain, Garlic, Black Olive, Multi-grain, Whole Wheat, Grana Cheese, and Walnut Raisin.


A selection of panini is made fresh each day from fresh, seasonal vegetables, meats and cheese on Terra Momo Bread Company bread. Makes a hearty snack or tasty lunch. Call or stop in for today's assortment.

Specialty Breads

These innovative breads feature unique shapes and flavorful combinations that you cannot find in regular stores. 

Choose between our large, crown-shaped bread (couronne means crown in French) made with baguette dough. Available whole (perfect for parties), by the piece or Animal Shapes (turtle, alligator, frog or hedge hog).

Specialty Foods

We offer a selection of specialty products to enjoy with our breads.

Choose from: Terra Momo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Terra Momo Focaccia Seasoning, Nutella, Bristot Coffee and Jams.


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